Grome Harvest
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"The positive emotions we experience when we are in nature heighten our attention. That means we are able to remove tunnel vision from a hectic everyday life and expand our perspective."
The "broadening effect" by barbara Fredrickson is triggered within the GROME programme.

Leave the DOING and start BEING

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Winner of the Yooweedoo competition 2021 and supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the federal government and the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

During a workshop-afternoon with  GROME, you will experience the unique combination of working, learning and tasting

Our Formats for teams & businesses

We address the root causes of your needs with holistic and sustainable solutions and turn the cost of team development into an investment.

3-in-1 Team-Offsite

5 hours & per 15 participants
for 1.950€

The motto: Enjoy a time-out in the green together as a team. In one afternoon you will learn about the principles of a permaculture garden, experience a workshop tailored to your needs and round off the event with cooking together. Afterwards you will receive a detailed evaluation

The micro-escape
we all need right now
The GROME Program supported step by step growth towards your team-purpose
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The Season

4 events from April to October
starting at 7900€

You look after your own small garden area (with the support of our gardeners) and experience collective self-efficacy as a team, thanks to the rich harvest. At the same time, you will learn various pragmatic exercises to strengthen resources in the garden under the guidance of our psychological experts and discover the sustainable transformation as a team to an appreciative and trusting cooperation.

Your own garden

Together we will set up a garden with high-rise garden beds right at your doorstep - e.g. in an unused courtyard. There it will not only host the up to four events of the GROME program with the teams, but also offer an area for active breaks and a place to exchange ideas.

You don't have one of our Gardens close by?
No problem, our raised garden beds will get the job done!
Not satisfied yet? We are more than happy to hear your own project ideas
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Your own project

The garden provides the positive framework for various interventions: onboarding, team challenges, conflict management and other creative projects. We look forward to your ideas and new inspirations!

What our customers are saying

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Simone Rihm


"The GROME garden afternoon was the perfect opportunity for us to be active in the fresh air after our time in the home office, to receive new impulses and to prepare our own harvest directly - even the melde, which is otherwise disdained as a weed. Through mindful exercises we can increase our emotional intelligence, which we take with us as a valuable stimulus for our teamwork. THANK YOU!"

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Sebastian Klein

neue Narrative

"GROME's event brought us together physically as a team for the first time since the Corona pandemic began. The environment of the permaculture garden in the middle of Berlin, the workshop and the food were very well coordinated and provided us with a truly inspiring time that we can draw on for a while. We look forward to follow-ups!"

Marcus Guttmacher-Jendges

LebensRäume - Für Menschen in Duisburg gGmbH

"For our inclusive garden, GROME's raised beds are ideal to enable encounters between different people on very different levels."

Jonas Hülskötter


"At the event with GROME, which we booked together with another sustainable startup, we got to know each other better as a team and as a green startup community in Münster. It was great to experience and taste nature. The workshop on emotional intelligence inspired us to take a closer look and reflect in everyday life"

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Julia Rateike

Coppenrath Verlag

"How do I communicate sustainable issues to a heterogeneous group?", "What do I counter the skeptics?" or "How do I react to statements from the 'hardliners'?". We discussed all these questions controversially in advance - so it was good to get food for thought from GROME. And the joint gardening work aroused ambition (who can find the most potatoes), made us even more sensitive to sustainability, and gave the team an unforgettable experience

Christian Sigmund


"Implementing a good feedback culture is very important to us as a self-organized company. Our very first team day with GROME helped us to develop a psychologically safe and trusting atmosphere in which we could give each other constructive as well as appreciative feedback. This has sustainably bonded us as a team and made us stronger."

Michèle Kuschel


"We worked with GROME as part of a one-day workshop to support the development of a sense of community among our new master's students right at the beginning of their studies. The organization beforehand and the overall support from the GROME team was very good. Through the workshop, our students quickly recognized the strength of teamwork and, with the raised beds, were given a project that will accompany them in the long term and also offer them a sense of achievement"

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The benefits

GROME provides the tools for personal growth being the foundation for inner capabilities to fulfil the daily work with motivation and good results


Social and ecological experiences that offer lived transformation to a less harmful lifestyle and offer excellent employer branding


Problems in Mental Health and work Atmosphere often arise from a lack of open and empathic communication - we provide the solutions


Positive outdoor “micro-adventures” in green oases right in the city offer a change of scenery that enriches the work routine


Awareness and Appreciation for the own skills, strengths and achievements helps getting things done faster and/or at higher quality


Mindfulness techniques and every day tools help to stabilize the mind even in the most turbulent surroundings


Not only for the work environment, but also for healthy food, its production and how to consume locally, seasonally and effortlessly

Backed by science

Exactly measured benefits from our participants will be collected in our psychological study (link to science section) and published as soon as possible. In the About Us section, you can learn more about the scientific proof of our methodology.