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First Team Event 2021
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For the first time in more than seven months, GROME was finally able to offer a team event in the fresh air. We were very happy about that. We were particularly looking forward to meeting the agriportance and urbanhive teams in the Rote Rübe garden in Münster. Finally get out of the home office and experience time together in nature! The day began with a diverse planting campaign.

Everyone could grab a few of our preferred seedlings and bury them: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini and strawberries. A colorful mixed culture was planted according to the principles of permaculture. For example, cucumbers, beans and spinach landed close together because these three “get along” particularly well and use different nutrients in the soil. Despite the thunderstorm forecast, the sun was shining. Interesting conversations arose while gardening and everyone was in a good mood.

Quote from one of the participants: “Since this morning I have been sitting in the tunnel vision in front of my computer because there is so much to do here. But when I got here in the garden, it didn't take long and everything was forgotten. It actually works: you are just too busy gardening and engrossed in conversations that you somehow no longer think about your desk. " After the hard work on the body, our psychologist Lisa led a workshop on the subject of "Emotional Intelligence". What is actually behind this psychological construct? Can you learn emotional skills or are they born in our cradle? What does neuroscience say about it? And why is it worthwhile to deal with your own emotional abilities? These questions were examined and discussed from a scientific perspective and subsequent practical tips for everyday life were presented.


Finally, nobody should go home hungry, of course: Elias von Veloverde cooked some very tasty seasonal dishes with his mobile kitchen trailer (for his bicycle). At the beginning there was a wild herb quiz, in which each participant could try different plants from the wild surroundings of Munster - from among others ground grass, daisies, wild garlic, blackberries and sorrel became a colorful wild herb salad. There were comfrey wraps with dried tomatoes, deep-fried yeast bread and fried potatoes with a vegan soy gurth dip. The sun was still shining and everyone agreed: this joint feast was the culmination of the garden event! We are already looking forward to the next events in the garden.

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