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When we, the GROME team, talk about our work, it is mostly about our psychological framework for sustainable, effective health promotion. It's about team development and it's about our green seminar room: the garden.

There are a few questions that arise: How do we bring all of this together and create a service that offers our customers an easy-to-organize feel-good experience that solves individual problems? How do we get to the garden, how does it transform into a cooking studio or seminar room and who then manages the framework with the resource-promoting content?

Two factors are essential for our concept: on the one hand there are of course dying partners and experts, and on the other hand that of our expanded team. But one after the other.

The GROME principle is a new and innovative approach to promoting well-being and performance in the workplace. Nevertheless, its individual parts are not unknown. We combine this in our matchmaking platform according to the criteria we set based on customer needs. Our partners are the heart of GROME. They make us what we are - the first individual and national team development and health promotion platform in connection with nature experience. All of our partners are listed according to region on our website:
Our socially and sustainably committed "area partners" the Rote Rübe in Münster, Bonnekamphöhe in Essen, GEBAG in Duisburg, Prinzessinnengarten-Kollektiv and Elisabeet in Berlin and the Wir-Garten in Lüneburg provide the urban oases for our varied workshops. We also cooperate with the Block Gartenbau company from Emsdetten in the Münsterland region. Your unique raised beds with greenhouse technology can also be installed directly on our customers' own areas.
In addition, it is our business and health coaches who are indispensable for our holistic concept. From doctors who focus on nutritional advice, for example, to psychologists who focus on mental health and well-being and logotherapists who are concerned with creating meaning and group communication, to business coaches who strengthen team skills and team culture. So that each of our events is a pleasant experience, the culinary conclusion takes place outside. The fresh harvest is prepared together under the guidance of our cooking experts such as Andrea Stallmann in the Düsseldorf area or Elias Eckel with the Velo Verde in Münster and various delicious, seasonal dishes.

After a good year with GROME, we think it's time to say thank you. Because in addition to our great partner network, there are also other important people who support us. Above all, we would like to mention our supporters and mentors, our gromies, who have accompanied us with their commitment and expertise up to this point:
Theresa, who helped develop our website, Ronja, who helped set up the sales structure, Stephan, who advises us with his expertise in the field of finance, or Franzi, who has repeatedly given us important impulses with her knowledge of innovation and event management . We are also currently accompanied by some gromies that we will introduce to you on our social media channels (the links can be found at the bottom of the campaign page).
We are very happy that we can inspire other people with our mission and our enthusiastic work at GROME to accompany us on our way. We are grateful to all gromies who support us in realizing vision of healthy people in a healthy environment. We enjoy sharing the experiences of the various development steps of GROME with you. Without you we wouldn't be where we are now - Thank you very much!

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