Grome Harvest

About Us

Healthy people in a healthy environment

Our vision is a widespread, paradigm shift in companies that treats the well-being of employees as a priority. In addition, we hope for a change in awareness of healthy and sustainable nutrition through a positive experience within a communal garden project.

Our amazing team

Strategy Economist - Commercial Circle Lead

Hanno Weimer

"Each individual has the power to change the system from within - dynamism, reflection and community are the keys to this."

Our holistic approach

We always work according to the basic principles of Permaculture, Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share. This leads to a way of doing business, most commonly labeled as Social Entrepreneurship, in which the highest maxime is not only profits, but also to generate positive impact for People and Planet. With our sales we support social urban gardening projects, environmental education for schools and daycare centers and thus ensure greener cities throughout Germany.

The Grome Principles

Immersion into nature - for creative energy, positive emotions, and new motivation
Resilience - promoting coping skills and building psychological resilience
Team cohesion - mindful cooperation, trust, and transparency

The science behind Grome

Based on findings from neuroscience, behavioral and industrial psychology, we use our well-founded approach to combat health challenges due to the increasing amounts of stress in our society.


The natural environment increases the willingness to move (McCurdy et al., 2010), “Moving breaks” reduces muscle tension, increases well-being, and improves the working atmosphere (Kogel et al., 2014)

Stress Reduction

The green space actively lowers stress parameters, e.g. cortisol and blood pressure. (Soga et al., 2017; Bowler et al., 2010)


The urban garden has the function of a meeting room, especially in cities. (Coley et al., 1997)


Staying in urban greenery has a positive effect on the neural regulation of negative emotions. (Tost et al., 2019)

In order to prove the effects of our measures through meaningful analyzes, we cooperate with the Department of Work Psychology at the University of Münster under the direction of Prof. Dr. Carmen Binnewies and we jointly examine the influence of different environments on the relaxation of employees.

What our collaborators say

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Prof. Dr. Carmen Binnewies

Scientific Mentor | wwu Münster

GROME embodies the practical application of a work-life balance concept based on scientific knowledge. In the gardens, the employees really learn to switch off and relax. The experiences determined by GROME are thought-provoking and have long-term potential for a stable well-being of the employees.

Dirk Sanders

business mentor | Anthropia gGmbH

GROME offers contemporary solutions for companies to bridge the gap between business, people and the environment, and at the same time contributes to occupational health.

Franziska Weir

business mentor | Innovationsrebel

GROME brings the garden into the office as an innovative inspiration. This is a great and innovative offer for the whole team, creating something together and preparing their own harvest together.

Organic orange circles creating a circular pattern

Dr. Nina Bürklin

coaching partner | Mind & Life Europe

I really like the GROME program because it offers a completely different kind of team event. On the one hand, the participants get out and really get into action. On the other hand, it makes you think: How do we eat today and where does our food come from?

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